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We Support Your Youth JYJ Campaign

Advertisements all along Line 2 subway stations in Seoul. Click here to see some of the different designs. 

What does this “your youth” mean?

This campaign is actually from a while ago, they restarted it for JYJ’s comeback. Explanation here

"The second campaign, as same as the first one, is to support JYJ and their youth and to express our long-cherished desire to see JYJ’s performance on TV."

I’m not exactly sure what they mean but I guess it’s along the lines of supporting their freshness and also keeping them in the spotlight despite them being seniors in the industry? 

Ah, yeah, ok. That makes sense. Cause I was thinking theybare getting older at the same rate as eveyone else. Even fans can’t slow down time ^^


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Jay! SNL

"Being a good writer is 3% talent and 97% not being distracted by the internet."

the writer reblogs, being distracted by the internet  (via hughsdancys)